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Simple-to-use portable kit1

Product Description
LUMASON (sulfur hexafluoride lipid-type A microspheres), 25 mg/vial
5 kits per box

Customer Service: 1-877-BRACCO 9 (1-877-272-2269)

Among ultrasound enhancing agents ONLY LUMASON does not require refrigeration

The LUMASON portable kit simplifies administration.

  • Single patient-use
  • Agitate in hand
  • No activation device required
  • Administration in 20 seconds
Step 1
1 LUMASON vial
Step 2
2 Mini-Spike
Step 3
3 Prefilled syringe containing 5 mL Sodium Chloride 0.9% injection, USP (diluent)1

LUMASON dosage and administration1

Echocardiography Adults Pediatrics
First administration 2 mL intravenous bolus injection* N/A
Second administration (if needed) 2 mL intravenous bolus injection* N/A
Ultrasonography of the liver
First administration 2.4 mL intravenous injection* 0.03 mL/kg
Second administration (if needed) 2.4 mL intravenous injection* 0.03 mL/kg
Ultrasonography of the urinary tract
Intravesical administration N/A 1 mL

*Follow LUMASON injection with an intravenous flush of 0.9% Sodium Chloride injection.

Do not exceed 2.4 mL per injection.

The bladder may be refilled with normal saline for a second cycle of voiding and imaging, without the need of a second LUMASON administration.


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